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Happy New Year from Tibet.

We wish you a healthy, happy and adventurous new year. What a fine job we have! After playing all spring and summer on our home rivers we get to take off and see how the rest of the world lives. My wanderings brought me all the way to China and Tibet. Waterways, as all else […]

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Graduate and Go Rafting

The Dunsmuir Elementary 8th grade graduates celebrated the end of the school year and their graduation by floating down the Klamath River last June. By choosing an adventure close to home and by spending their bucks locally they proved to be smart shoppers and savvy consumers. ” It was probably the best 8th grade trip […]

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Ultimate Family Rafting Trip

Make reservations now Inflatable Kayaks Learn more about Klamath River Rafting Trips The Ultimate Family Rafting Trip is the perfect vacation for parents and kids of all ages — so bring the family, and let’s play! This river trip is a perfect combination of relaxation and adventure in a wilderness setting. Our experienced, kid-friendly river […]

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Whitewater Rafting Thrills

Join us for incredible whitewater throughout the season, from Spring Rafting on the “Slammin’ Salmon,” Scott and Upper Sac, to the finest summertime whitewater in the state on the Upper Klamath. Class 3 whitewater is exciting and challenging.   Class 4 and 5 rivers are very challenging. They require physical fitness, swimming skills and a […]

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River Rafting School Trips

Choose the Klamath River for your outdoor school trip. Running through one of the most ecologically diverse natural environments on the planet, the Klamath provides students the opportunity to study how plant and animal communities interact and support one another. The Klamath and its tributaries were the northern most centers of the California Gold Rush. […]

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River Rafting Trips and Kids

River rafting, nature and wilderness bring out the best in people. It is especially true for families. An extended river rafting trip in the middle of nowhere, away from the constraints and routines of daily life, brings parents and children together and strengthens family bonds. Studies show that wilderness experiences reduce stress and produce a […]

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Group Rafting Trips

Group Rafting Adventures & Special Whitewater Trips Whitewater rafting is especially rewarding when shared with family, friends or colleagues. The magic of a shared adventure fosters camaraderie and bonding and develops team building and cooperation. We customize each river trip to fit your specific needs and desires and to accommodate groups of all kinds, whether […]

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What to Bring

On the river Spring conditions can vary greatly. Be prepared for any and all kinds of weather. You will be getting wet! Wool or synthetic work best for cooler weather trips. Avoid cotton that dries slowly and has no insulating value. You will need: – Wetsuit, paddle jacket,  (better yet a drytop or drysuit). We […]

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