Difficulty: Class II, Easy

When: -

Kayaking Available?: Yes

Trip Length and Prices:
Days Adults Children Under 12
1/2 $75 $75
1 $98 $88
2 $265 $225

Riffles, playful rapids, nice deep swimming pools

The Tree of Heaven section of the Klamath is ideal for those new to river rafting and inflatable kayaking. It is also ideal for families with young children (4 and older).

The Tree of Heaven run offers solitude, warm sunny days, swimming and water play, and lots of fun riffles and rapids.

Look for turtles basking on rocks, herons in a quiet stance on river’s edge, otters playing, and ospreys diving for fish.

What a great way to spend a summer day!

The Klamath is California’s second largest river. It is part of the National Wild and Scenic Rivers system. The river was named after a tribe of Modoc Indians and “Klamath” means “swiftness” in the Chinook language. The unique combination of moderate rapids, warm summer waters, superb scenery, abundant wildlife and easy camping makes the Klamath a popular family destination.

"Thanks for a wonderful adventure. You provide a very special gift for all to enjoy and remember." -- Stacy Schneider, 4H Club