Making a Difference in a Grandchild’s Life

We grandparents look forward to The Holidays as a time when we might have a few elusive moments with those teenaged grandchildren.

What to get them for Christmas besides a check or gift card stymies grandparents all over the world!

Here’s a suggestion: A river rafting trip.

Dustin river rafting
My grandson at the helm!

My husband and I gave our grandchildren a rafting trip several years ago, and it is still a favorite topic at family gatherings.

We wanted an opportunity to get reacquainted with those young strangers who somehow replaced the cuddly adoring preschoolers who used to rush to hug us when we came to visit.

We scheduled a three-day rafting trip with River Dancers. It was a gift to our grandchildren, and also a gift to ourselves.

We spent three days on the Klamath watching those children build new river skills, and having the time of their lives.

We had hours every evening to play together at our lovely riverside campsites, and to catch up on their lives.

Having a host of young, experienced river guides overseeing the water play and making the delicious meals took away the stigma of “going on vacation with the grandparents.”

As our younger grandchildren grow up, we look forward to the time when there will be a river rafting trip in their Christmas stockings.

John or Chantal will be happy to get you a gift certificate, and then to help you plan your trip.

Click here to learn more and to order that certificate.

Klamath River Rafting

Guest post by blogger and internet marketing specialist, Joanne Steele. Joanne was not a river rafting enthusiast until she experienced river fun with her grandkids, and realized that gourmet meals would magically appear without her involvement 3 times a day… plus snacks… and fine wine. Really, grandmothers, yummy cookies are just as good when someone else bakes them!