Whitewater Camp for Teenagers

Difficulty: Class III, Moderate

When: -

Kayaking Available?: Yes

Trip Length and Prices:

3 nights, 3 days, $600 / person

Camaraderie, Adventure, Empowerment, Fun

River Dancers teams up with CoCreative Coaching to provide 3 nights and 3 days of adventure on the Lower Klamath River for teenagers from 13-16.

The Klamath River is a timeless place steeped in culture and history. It is a center of biodiversity and complex geology.

Plan on a fully immersive experience.

Teenagers will learn about indigenous cultures, river ecology and geology, environmental issues relating to rivers, useful and edible plants, and outdoor survival. They will also swim rapids, learn to guide a whitewater raft and kayak, and help out with cooking and camp life.

It is a 3 days of education, empowerment, adventure, and fun.

  • Splash!
  • smiling group of teenagers
  • Salad Streamside
  • Thumbs Up!

We’ll meet the night before the river trip where we’ll have a hearty meal and introduction to the river and trip. A Karuk Tribal member will speak about the tribe, history, and culture of the Klamath River.

The next day we’ll pack our dry bags and launch out on the river.

  • Posing in the Water
  • Kayaker
  • Contemplation
  • Mini Me

On the river, guides will introduce guiding and river reading concepts and will quickly pass off guiding responsibilities to students. Kayaks and the 8 foot Mini-Me raft will also be available for use.

At night, we’ll fix amazing food, hang out, tell stories, and sleep under endless starry nights.

  • Group Photo at Ukonom
  • Sunset
  • Volleyball on the beach
  • weely on a raft

A Klamath River Trip is much more than being on the water. It is enjoying the journey along the way. Great food, swimming, fishing, music, stories, games, and hikes. By the end of your journey, you’ll want to keep going on down the river. Come join us and experience a trip you’ll never forget.

"Our 14 year old son had a life changing experience on the whitewater camp with River Dancers and Co-creative Coaching! He got to experience nature in a new and exciting way and learn more about himself as well. We felt comfortable with the trip and trusted the expertise of his guides. We recommend this trip to any teenager who wants to explore the beauty of the river while connecting and learning about community with others. " -- Savannah Mayfield

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