Down a Lazy River

Klamatgh River
Fun at any age

by Christopher Tritto, Sunset Magazine

Flowing between the green and gold hills near the Oregon border, the uncrowded Klamath has several sections that can be enjoyed either from the roomy comfort of a big raft or the solitude of an inflatable kayak. One popular 7-mile day trip puts in at “Tree of Heaven” campground near Yreka.

“This stretch is ideal for a nature experience,” says Chantal McDermott, River Dancers owner and guide. “From the water the environment is seen in a wonderfully different way.” Boaters are almost sure to come across groups of turtles basking on rocks in the sun and great blue herons standing quietly along the banks, as well as osprey, deer, and river otters. There are even occasional sightings of bears lured by salmon runs.  On a hot day, a leisurely lunch in the shade is followed by a cooling dip in the water. There are frequent stops for swimming. The half-dozen class 2 riffles encountered later in the day add a light dose of excitement without compromising comfort or safety.

Klamath River Rafting – Tree of Heaven

Klamath River
Family bonding