Klamath River Rafting – Tree of Heaven

Difficulty: Class II, Easy

When: -

Kayaking Available?: Yes

Trip Length and Prices:
Days Adults Children Under 12
1/2 $105 $105
1 $130 $120
2 $300 $275

Rapids, Riffles, Swimming Pools, and Wildlife

The Tree of Heaven section of the Klamath River is enjoyed by all and offers a little bit of everything for those seeking to spend a fun day on the river. Fun rapids and riffles, long deep pools for swimming and water play, relaxation, and wildlife viewing.

The Tree of Heaven run is a great introduction to river rafting and is ideal for families with young children.

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Look for turtles basking on rocks, herons in a quiet stance on river’s edge, otters playing, and ospreys diving for fish. Don’t feel like paddling? Sit back and relax and bask in the warm summer sun while listening to the currents flow.

Feeling a bit more adventurous? Spice things up by requesting an inflatable kayak. Waves, riffles, and eddies provide first-time and seasoned kayakers with opportunities to hone new skills and perfect old ones. Teenagers and adults seeking a bit of adventure will love it.

Full day trips include a deli-style lunch with fresh ingredients, organic and local when possible. Special diets or food allergies are no problem. Bring your own lunch or snacks on a half-day trip and be back in town for another activity.

What better way to spend a warm sunny day?

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"Thanks for a wonderful adventure. You provide a very special gift for all to enjoy and remember." -- Stacy Schneider, 4H Club

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