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Meet the River Dancers

The river is our life. Our love for whitewater adventure, wilderness, and river rafting has inspired and enriched our lives. Come join our river family!

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Aaron Beverly

Owner, Experienced River Rat and Outdoorsman

Aaron, on a permanent hiatus from an electrical engineering career, is an accomplished river guide, mountaineer, ski patroller and a highly skilled outdoorsman. He loved River Dancers so much, he bought the company!

John McDermott

Founder, River Yogi, Storyteller and River Fashion Setter

John is one of the founders of River Dancers. He’s been guiding for over 30 years and still retains his enthusiasm for whitewater rafting. He is a master storyteller, a teacher and practitioner of Transcendental Meditation, and has a deep reverence for the river. He is an expert at balancing your need for adventure with getting you safely down the river. He is also a superb dishwasher!

“You were outstanding hosts and guides, but more importantly, wonderful people."

Chantal Langenfeld

Founder, World Traveler, River Gourmet

Chantal is one of the original founders of River Dancers.  She has traveled to every nook and cranny of the world and has an interesting story or two to tell that will make you laugh.  Her warm personality and smile will make you feel right at home on any river trip. You may find her in the kitchen orchestrating a gourmet river meal.

”We were very impressed with the attitude of the guides and the example they set of not just skill in their craft, but a reverence for the river and the natural world." - Anna Rainville, Waldorf School Teacher

Justin Duvenick

Universal Guide with an Operatic Voice

Justin is an all around outdoor professional. He is a river guide, mountain guide, ski guide, rock guide, and backpack guide. During the winter he ski patrols and works part time as an instructor for Southern Oregon University’s Outdoor Adventure Leadership department.

Justin has guided many of our local rivers including the Klamath, Rogue, North Umpqua and California Salmon as well as some distant rivers including Idaho’s Middle and Main Salmon and Nepal’s Kali Gandoki. He is certified as an vertical rope rescue technician and is an advanced swiftwater rescue technician.

When Justin is not working he enjoys kayaking, studying various worldviews, and traveling internationally. He has pioneered ski descents in the Nepali Himalayas.

Some little known facts about Justin: he is allergic to cats, writes with his left hand, gets excited about a good game of chess, and has a voice fit for a career in opera.

Kelsey Demarest

Born on the river

You may hear tall tales of Kelsey’s origins recounted by old guides with dubious memories around the campfire at night. One thing is certain: she was whitewater rafting before she could walk, developing — some say — an uncanny ability to stroll upon water.

As a trip leader for OARS and Turtle River Rafting, she has developed the skills to handle all aspects of running a top notch river trip, safely and professionally. She has honed her culinary skills as a sous-chef in Squaw Valley Ski Resort which you can experience in the likely event of catching her in the kitchen on the river.

Unknown to most, she has a beautiful voice and may be coaxed into a serenade if you catch her at the right moment.

Joey Monte

A Master Chef and Animal Lover

While taking River Dancer’s Whitewater School, Joey fell in love with the river and was soon slinging gear as a river guide. Having retired from his career as a chef, Joey finds himself whipping up culinary concoctions on the river bank. At home in the forest, he loves to forage for mushrooms, edible plants, and fun!

Mark Duden

Seasoned River Guide, Master Pancake Maker, Unsung Comic

Mark is a seasoned river guide, woodworker extraordinaire and knowledgeable “bird man.” His passion for the river runs deep and his wit and charm are irresistible.

Jenna Kane

The sommelier of the river.

You may not see this at your first glance, but Jenna is a bad ass. Mountain guide, ski guide, river guide, mountain biker. She embraces adventure with wild abandon. And yet you would never know it because her ego is always in check and she never takes herself too seriously. Enjoy her sense of humor because she’ll sure to make you laugh.

Imbibe a drink with her. She knows a little bit about wine and life — a combination well suited for the river.

Alyssa Winkelman

Living the life

Mountain guide, river guide, ski bum. Living the life. Alyssa has dedicated herself to the outdoor lifestyle. She holds a degree in Outdoor Leadership from Southern Oregon University and has developed the mettle for adventure in the wilderness. She brings a diverse set of skills to the river. You can count on her if things go wrong, but you can be rest assured they won’t on her watch.

Bantering is her specialty. Don’t let her spunk fool you. She will dish it out if she thinks you can take it. So make sure you don’t.

Ken Nelson

Coyote Ken

Ken is the ultimate professional river guide and quite the accomplished musician. He’ll often bring a guitar along so be sure to ask him to play and sing you a tune. He exudes charm and knows a thing or two about having a good time.

Check out the SoundFarm Band

Nick Caselli

Experienced, professional, but never too serious.

Nick has been raft guiding since 1999. You may have seen him out on one of the many rivers of the west including the Animas, Snake, Skagit, Noosack, Cattooga, San Juan, and the Colorado through the Grand Canyon. He has also guided on all of our local classics including the Rogue, Klamath, Trinity, Sacramento, and Smith Rivers. Nick is an EMT and has technical rope rescue and swiftwater rescue training. When not on the river, Nick works as a mountain and heli-ski guide and ski patroller. Ultra professional when needed, but always willing to let loose with a good joke and story. Nick is pleasure to have on the river with us.

Kyle Scully

Don't be afraid to sparkle

Kyle likes chocolate and peanut butter on her pancakes. Need to know more? She wears tutus, knows a lot about birds, and can knit better than your grandmother. Make sure you ask her to sing you a tune on the ukulele or guitar.

Kyle has led wilderness trips in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Alaska, and California. She graduated from DePauw University with a bachelors in english literature and has her masters in secondary education from Xavier University. In the off season she works as a middle school teacher and tennis and lacrosse coach. She writes poetry and her favorite book is The Little Prince.

And, yeah — she’s from Cincinnati.

Chance Jackson

River Guide, Pizza Maker, Water Fighting Specialist

Chance has been part of the River Dancers family for years … finally old enough to graduate as a full fledged river guide. Always laughing and having fun, he’ll keep us from taking ourselves too seriously.

River Dancers, 308 S Mount Shasta Blvd., Mount Shasta, CA 96067 USA

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