River Classification

Class I. Very easy. Nice float, barely a riffle!

Class II. Easy. Wide, clear channels.

Obstacles easily missed, little risk for swimmers. Ideal for beginners, seniors and families with small children. Perfect for inflatable kayaks.

Class II Trips:
Klamath River Rafting – Tree of Heaven

Class III. Moderate. Rapids are bigger, current is faster, maneuvering around obstacles is often required.

No experience necessary but more demanding as paddling will be required. Excellent kayaking opportunities for those looking for a challenge: the upper sacramento, in early spring, the Trinity and Klamath, all summer long. Lots of rapids and lots of fun!

Class III Trips:
Klamath River Rafting – Lower Klamath
Trinity River Rafting
Upper Sacramento River Rafting

Class IV. Advanced. Difficult, powerful rapids require good paddling and team spirit.

Good fitness level and swimming skills are necessary.  The class 4+ section of the Upper Klamath river is the best summer thrill on the west coast.

Class V. Difficult. Long, violent rapids, big drops, unavoidable waves and holes.

Paddling experience is required as well as good fitness level and swimming skills. A healthy spirit of adventure is a must. The Scott and Cal Salmon rivers have some of the best spring whitewater runs in California.

Class IV/V Trips:
Cal Salmon River Rafting
Upper Klamath River Rafting