Klamath River Rafting – The Lower Klamath

Difficulty: Class III, Moderate

When: -

Kayaking Available?: Yes

Trip Length and Prices:
Days Adults Children Under 12
1 $150 $130
2 $499 $450
3 $699 $630
4 $820 $740
5 $940 $845

Klamath River rafting has it all

The Klamath region of Northern California is a jumbled mass of rugged coastal mountains and deeply carved valleys. It is a timeless place where much of what was, still is – a place steeped in culture and history, a center of biodiversity and complex geology. Through the heart of this land flows the Klamath River.

Come experience the magic of this rugged place on a multi-day rafting trip:

  • Thrilling class III+ rapids like Rattlesnake and Dragon’s Tooth
  • Relaxation on secluded beaches under endless starry skies next to a warm fire.
  • Gourmet meals served stream side
  • Wildlife in their natural habitat
  • Hikes to sacred waterfalls
  • Stories shared around the campfire
  • Kayaking in calm pools and frothy white water
  • Superb wilderness scenery
  • Swimming in rapids and whirlpools
  • Learn about the culture and history of this unique, remote, California gem.
  • Gourmet food streamside
  • Relaxation and contemplation
  • Bring your fly rod
  • Delicious and healthy breakfasts

A multi-day trip on the Lower Klamath is suitable for all ages, families, and adventurers. Connect with friends and family, coworkers, and fellow students. School groups absolutely love it.

  • Nights next to a warm fire
  • Connect with friends and family
  • Dragon's Tooth Rapid
  • Music on the river

A Klamath River Trip is much more than being on the water. It is enjoying the journey along the way. Great food, swimming, fishing, music, stories, games, and hikes. By the end of your journey, you’ll want to keep going on down the river. Come join us and experience a trip you’ll never forget.

  • Rekindle that romance
  • Fireside ambiance
  • Volleyball on the beach
  • Lighted Bocce Ball

" I have taken my school's high school seniors on a 4-day Lower Klamath trip with River Dancers for the last few years and I couldn't be happier. As a professional Outdoor Educator and trip planner I have a good idea of how to run a really quality operation and to provide a fun and safe outdoor adventure, and to me River Dancers is top notch. The food is fantastic, the guides are fun, knowledgeable, and so easy to get a long with, and whose experience and personalities bring a depth to the experience that I have not found from other outfitters. Safety is also a top priority for them. They know the river so well and use that knowledge to keep everyone as safe as possible. I couldn't recommend them enough!!!!" -- Luke Barbee, San Francisco Waldorf High School

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