White Water Rafting Guide School

Difficulty: Class III, Moderate

When: -

Kayaking Available?: No

Trip Length and Prices:
Days Adults Overnight Alumni Overnight
3 $495 $595 $100

Invest in your lifestyle. Learn the skills for the world's coolest job. Discover your inner river rat!

Experience the fun and excitement of whitewater rafting from a whole different perspective – as the guide of your own boat!

If you love white water river rafting, have your own boat, or are considering buying a boat and striking out on your own, start the season with the training that will enhance your family’s fun and increase your confidence as a boater.

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If you are retired or in college and are looking for a fun and rewarding job, or are looking to become a full time professional river guide, our guide school is the place to start honing your skills. It’s also a way to spice up your experience if you are looking for excitement beyond just the typical whitewater trip.

White Water Rafting Guide School is designed to acquaint and train private boaters and potential professional river guides in the organization, safety, skills and wisdom necessary for a successful river journey.

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We cover all the basics of the whitewater river experience:

  • Guiding a paddle or oar boat
  • Equipment use
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Boat rigging and knot tying
  • The reading of water and river hydraulics
  • Trip logistics, outdoor care procedures
  • White water emergency and rescue techniques
  • The swimming of rapids.
  • River safety
  • Guide commands

Our guide school is a community event. It is fun, friendly, and supportive. You’ll make new friends, connect with other boaters, hang out with quirky river guides, eat great food, and may even learn some unexpected skills.

In recent years, we have begun offering an overnight option where we provide all meals for the trip. We camp at the put-in, set up a kitchen, cook gourmet meals for you (last year we made sushi for 30 people), and tell stories around a warm fire. It is a fun community event, a great way to fully immerse yourself in the river culture, and offers even more opportunities to learn from fellow river rats. We primarily run the school on the Trinity River but on occasion may run on the Upper Sacramento river.

Whitewater School is always free to alumni with their own boats or if there is need for extra paddlers in student boats. If alumni wish to partake in the provided food and camping, we request a $100 contribution for 3 days. If you’ll be there less time, we can work out a reduced price.

Come join our river family!

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"Whitewater School changed my life." -- Joey Monte, River Dancers Guide

“There was a well choreographed balance between team work and individual challenge. Thanks for a great week-end." -- Guide School Grad

"I learned fundamentals and philosophies applicable to life itself ... " -- Jack Trout, Fishing Guide

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