Northern California River Rafting Gift Certificates with River Dancers

Enjoying the good life away from the office

What meaningful gift to give mom or dad this Christmas? Surely they don’t need any more stuff.

How about giving them something truly unique, an memorable experience, a wilderness adventure?

Wilderness has become rare and inaccessible for most people. A rafting trip in a wild environment inspires a sense of wonder and gives river passengers the opportunity to escape the trappings, routines and noise of modern life.

If your parents still enjoy being active, hiking, golfing, bicycle riding and swimming, a river rafting trip with River Dancers is a perfect gift. We have created special trips this year just for our over 50’s crowd. Check out our new webpage Over 50 Rafting Adventures on the beautiful Klamath River.

58 and unafraid to experience new thrills

Why over 50’s trips?

Because we’re over 50 and we know how awesome it is to be out in a river raft tackling a little whitewater, enjoying a swim and hanging out on a sandy beach after a day of rafting, watching a sunset.

Sometimes those outdoor pursuits we loved when we were younger, like mountain biking and long backpacking trips are no longer possible.

But for most active seniors, a river trip still is. If your parents can get in and out of a raft, can still do a little hiking, and are well enough to be out of communication with their doctor for a few days, a river trip can make them feel young again.

“We had a fantastic day on the Trinity with you last summer.  White water kayaking with River Dancers and surfing in Hawaii, where the two highlights of 2010 for me.  It’s really fun when you are 55 and still get to try things that you have never done before!” Steve Mehlman

Call us at 800.926.5002. We’ll get you a lovely gift certificate that will allow your parents to contact to book the trip at their convenience. We’re arranging a number of over 50 trips for the month of August. And if your parents want to include their friends (or maybe even you and your family), we can schedule their trip any time throughout the summer.

10% discount for any trips booked before December 31, 2010

Fun with friends on the Upper Sacramento River

Have a wonderful Holiday Season.