Guide Assignments & Needs

June 18 – 21, Lower Klamath (3)
Guides: Aaron, Ken
Training: Kyle

June 20, Tree of Heaven (2)
Guides: Casey

June 19, Tree of Heaven (30)
Guides: Allysa, Jenna, Casey, John, Mark

June 24-27, Lower Klamath (9)
Guides: Aaron, Ken, Kyle, John
Backup/Training: Kyle

June 26, Tree of Heaven (2)
Backup: Chantal

June 30, Upper Klamath (30)
Guides: John, Aaron, Mark, Nick, Ken
Backup: Alyssa
Shuttle: Kyle

July 2-4, Lower Klamath (30)
Guides: Aaron, Justin, Kyle, Ken
Backup: Mark

July 4, Tree of Heaven (14)
Guides: Casey, Zach
Backup: Dan

July 5, Tree of Heaven (2)
Guides: Casey
Backup: Justin, John, Dan, Zach

July 6-8, Lower Klamath (30)
Guides: John, Justin, Mark, Kyle
Backup: Ken

July 7-9, Lower Klamath (18)
Guides: Aaron, Casey, Dan, Zach

July 12-13, Lower Klamath (12)
Guides Needed: 2-3

July 14, Upper Klamath (30)
Guides: Aaron, Mark, Nick, John, Ken
Backup/Training: Jenna, Casey
Shuttle: Kyle

July 20-22, Lower Klamath (30)
Guides: John, Casey, Aaron, Kyle
Backup: Ken, Mark

July 24, Trinity (8)
Guides: John, Aaron

July 25, Tree of Heaven (20)
Guides: Casey, Jenna, Dan, Zach
Backup: Chantal

July 27-29, Lower Klamath (6)
Guides: John, Casey

July 27, Tree of Heaven (40)
Guides: Aaron, Dan, Zach, Chantal, Tanner
Backup: Nick Wilson

July 29, Tree of Heaven (30)
Guides: Aaron, Dan, Zach, Jenna
Guides Needed: 2-3

July 30, Upper Klamath (30)
Guides: Justin, Aaron, Nick, Ken, John
Backup/Training: Mark, Casey
Shuttle: Kyle

August 1-3, Lower Klamath (15)
Guides: Aaron, Kyle, Casey, Marty

August 2-4, Lower Klamath (30)
Guides: Justin, John, Jenna, Tanner
Training: Jasmine

August 5-7, Lower Klamath (6)
Guides: Jenna
Guides Needed: 1

August 6, Tree of Heaven (10)
Guides: John, Alyssa
Backup: Casey

September 1, Trinity (7)
Guides Needed: 1-2