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FERC Denies Boating on the California Lower McCloud River

The McCloud River is perhaps the best Class 3/4 run in California. It has some of the finest forest scenery on any California river. Conservationists have been pushing the Forest Service to recommend it for Wild and Scenic status – over the objections of the timber industry and private fishing clubs. While many boaters are […]

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River Cuisine

Food is integral to the unforgettable experience of a rafting trip and feeding river runners is no small task. River Dancers’ guides are talented outdooor folks, smooth at the oars, good leaders, storytellers and resourceful chefs

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River Safety Talk

Risk is inherent to any outdoor adventure. The safety talk at the beginning of a rafting trip is a very important preparation for a safe and fun experience.

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Water Rights Ordinance going to ballot

Mt Shasta city councelors voted unanimously to allow voters to decide whether or not to adopt the Water Rights Ordinance in the November 2, 2010 election. Backed by the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund and the Global Exchange and many local residents, the Ordinance would be the first of its kind to attempt to control […]

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Mt Shasta Community Water Rights Ordinance

Standing room only at the May 24th Mt Shasta City Council Meeting. On the agenda was the Ordinance restricting cloud seeding and water exportation and the establishment of water rights and rights to a healthy environment. Mt Shastans came out in strong support of local self governance and the right to pure clean water. A […]

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Sacramento River Broom Slayers

The US Forest Service, the River Exchange and River Dancers joined forces Saturday, May 15th for the second annual Scotch Broom eradication rafting trip. The Upper Sacramento River was flush and full and the skies were blue. A posse of dedicated volunteers paddled their happy way through frothy rapids then donned work gloves to cut […]

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Ah the River!

Ah the River… by Ann Walka “Who knows where she’ll take you. No matter what you’ve forgotten, everything you need is here. All you can do is go with the flow. Open your heart to the neighbors, to geese and beavers and lizards, to cactus and belly flowers. Welcome sand in your bed, laugh a […]

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