Guide School

White Water Rafting Guide School is just around the corner. May 1st-3rd.

Whitewater school is an exciting and fun way to experience the river – as the guide of your own raft.

The focus is guiding a boat on the river. Our trained guides will ride with you and assist as needed as you learn how to read the river, give commands to your paddlers, and maneuver through rapids and around obstacles. Each day your confidence will increase. You will be amazed at your progression. At the end, you will have a new respect for the river and yourself.

Before and during each daily river trip, you will become skilled in the use of ropes, river rescue, swimming rapids, and flipping boats. Afterwards, chill riverside with our quirky river guides, tell stories, and imbibe and eat as you are introduced to the river culture.

A great alternate way to experience whitewater rafting.

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