6th Graders Experience Life on the Klamath River

Contributed by Chet Kyle, Butteville 6th grade teacher

Butteville’s 6th grade class went rafting…

Great Blue Herons, Bald Eagle, Merganser Ducks, Red Wing Black Birds, River Otters and a wide variety of songbirds were spotted as we floated down the Klamath from the Tree of Heaven campground to the Gottville campground.

The river was in great shape even with the drought conditions and the temperatures were in the mid 80s. This made for a fun day of water play and swimming.

The trip was made possible by Shasta Wheelers, the organizers of the Summit Century Bike Ride every year.

It was also made possible by River Dancers Rafting Company who donated their time. The grant covered transportation and equipment costs.

Published by the Mt Shasta Herald, June 11, 2014