Northern California Dreamin’

Summer’s here, school’s out.

Now is the time to look at how to make the summer memorable and valuable. Research has shown that children lose some of their academic gains over the summer, and perhaps parents can help turn that around, not with more “3R’s,” but with stimulating activities.

Up close and personal

More nature can soothe body and soul. Today’s kids are increasingly disconnected from the natural world. Instead of spending their summer months hiking, swimming and telling stories around the campfire, children these days are more likely to attend computer camps or weight-loss camps.” — author Richard Louv in “Last Child in the Woods: Saving our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder”

Kids love nothing better than frolicking in warm waters, playing in the sand, building forts, looking for critters.

Family Fun

The Klamath River of far northern California is a choice destination. Wild and Scenic, off the beaten path, a river less traveled… Klamath River Rafting Trips offer adventure packed days and exciting memories.

Physical exercise that is play isn’t only for the youngsters. River play is for the grownups too. It’s a chance to be a little silly, take a front seat and paddle some “big water.” River rafting is a splendid choice for “over 50 travelers”

What could be better than a multi-generation summer adventure that includes the little ones and the grandparents? The cousins and the neighbors?

Don’t put it off. Now’s the time to book that northern Cal rafting trip.

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testing the warm Klamath waters