Sacramento River Broom Slayers

The US Forest Service, the River Exchange and River Dancers joined forces Saturday, May 15th for the second annual Scotch Broom eradication rafting trip.

The Upper Sacramento River was flush and full and the skies were blue. A posse of dedicated volunteers paddled their happy way through frothy rapids then donned work gloves to cut and pull the very invasive Scotch broom that grows so abundantly along the river corridor.

Thank you all!

Captain Dave Payne at the oars
It’s hard work being a volunteer!
Leaning into it
Bundling the broom for easy transport
Ready for ferry and transport out of the canyon
Cindy Lawhon and Carol Winston representing the River Exchange, Mellen Colberg and Dave Payne of the USFS and River Dancers’ captain Chantal Langenfeld